Our mission provides the guidance and defines the aims behind our corporate strategy that underpins everything we do.

Offer high quality, reliable, healthy and ecologically pure products and services around the country and overseas.

  • Provide our customers with the products and services they expect;
  • Become the no. 1 partner in the industry.
  • Develop rapidly, efficiently and rationally, choose the middle path, move forward and bring our financial capacities and potential to an international level.
  • Maintain the competitive edge in the food production sector and expand onto the global level
  • Foster the image of Azersun Holding as a socially responsible business with the strong focus on public trust;
  • Use the existing machinery and equipment in the most efficient and positive way
  • Promote the positive image of our products on the global scale;
  • Expand the product range and increase sales
  • Meet the needs of our consumers by providing them with the top quality products at a reasonable price.
  • Be a leading performer and coordinate the business activities in the industry
  • Promote the quality culture in the countries where we operate
  • Promote a customer-oriented service culture
  • Achieve a general benchmark level in quality and increase our reach to every corner of the world;
  • Bring the principle of social justice into the cornerstone of the corporate ethos, support and promote human rights and individual approach at a workplace, develop theoretical and practical activities in that sphere.