We pride ourselves on having an exemplary code of ethics which embodies our core values and vision and takes roots in the universally acknowledged values and morals. It is the policy of the Azersun Holding Group to conduct its business in accordance with the highest ethical standards in order to merit and maintain the complete confidence and trust of its consumers and the public in general. The letter and spirit of this very ethics permeates every part of our business and constitutes a backbone of our business policy. Our code of ethics sets forth a consistent guideline for professional conduct spanning all levels of organization. It underlies both business and social relationships of our staff members. This code of ethics is based upon the integrity-oriented approach which emphasizes our commitment to a range of standards including well-being of our employees, quality maintenance, health and safety, environmental protection, innovation and advancement of technology, morals and, at last but not the least, customer satisfaction.

The Business Code consists of 7 'keys' which stays the ultimate goal of serving the people and their needs.

  • Our key purpose is to serve the public interest.
  • Our key goal is to highlight our human potential.
  • Our key standard is integrity and honesty.
  • Our key driver is total customer satisfaction.
  • Our key asset is human resources.
  • Our key strategy is superior quality.
  • Our key achievement is public trust.
  • Our ethics policy is composed of 19 principles:

    1. Awareness of and respect to local cultural traditions. This principle implies merging Eastern local values, customs and the technological achievements of the West within the company.
    2. Health and Safety. Our company is engaged in neither production nor sales of environmentally- harmful or health-damaging products. The company endorses the right of customers to make healthy choices and manage a well-rounded lifestyle. Therefore we ensure that our food products are free from potentially harmful chemicals and substances which might put the health of our customers at risk. We believe that easy access to healthy and wholesome food, ethical products and a clean environment is a basic human right.
    3. Superior Quality Principle. At Azersun Holding, we are committed to meeting or exceeding our customer's needs and strive to deliver top-quality and finest products, services and solutions to the marketplace. The principle of superior quality infers our strong commitment to constant improvement and progress, whilst maintaining public trust and image. We base our interaction with customers on the principles of openness, uncompromising integrity and respect which foster our leadership position on the national market and promote a strong presence of our company on the multinational level.
    4. Principle of integrity and honesty. We strictly pursue the principles of integrity and honesty in every aspect of our efforts and expect all our employees and stakeholders to abide by this rule. We align our actions with our words and deliver what we promise. Fairness is at the heart of our value of Respect and extends to customers, suppliers, contractors, co-workers, regulatory agencies and communities. However, groups don't do integrity, individuals do and we should strive to create the atmosphere of integrity initially around ourselves and treat others in a way we want to be treated by them.
    5. Equal opportunities and non-discrimination policy. The Company is firmly committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunity policy for employees, customers and suppliers. Everyone will be treated without discrimination or harassment based on race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran status or disability. We acknowledge our employees' right to equal access to lifelong training and development and value people exclusively on the basis of objective and job-related criteria.
    6. Respect and Loyalty. Azersun Holding understands that effective relationships are based on the recognition of the value and dignity of each individual. The Company employees are expected to disseminate respect and courtesy amongst each other. Every employee should enjoy support, understanding and respect on the part of his team fellows. We value the opinion of employees and respect their diverse backgrounds and treat every feedback of our consumers and employees with due consideration.
    7. Corporate Social Responsibility. The company activities are based solely on the principle of corporate social responsibility. We offer products and services which are uniquely designed to meet market needs and play an important role in strengthening national economy.
    8. Employee Relations Policy. Employees will act in a manner consistent with the proper performance of the function of their position and are expected to refrain from inappropriate behaviour that would somehow impair the company reputation or create a hostile work environment within the company. All employees will treat each other with courtesy and integrity and show esteem to more experienced and honoured counterparts.
    9. Environment Preservation. The Company is committed to conducting its business in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in a manner that has the highest regard for the environment and the safety and well being of employees and the general public. Therefore, the Company expects all employees to do their utmost to abide by the letter and spirit of all environmental laws and regulations of the country we operate in. We feel obliged to preserve the present natural resources and environment for future generations.
    10. Community Development. In parallel to our business development activities the company has been actively involved in numerous social, educational, environmental and community development initiatives. We support social investment projects and allocate large charitable funds geared to alleviate poverty at a grassroots level and enable upkeep of orphans and institutionalised children in the country.
    11. Compliance with Local Legislation. We respect and comply with all laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which it does business. In the cases when no specific provision exists general regulations apply.
    12. Corporate Management System. Our company conducts its business on the basis of the established set of consistent principles which constitute the focal point of our day-to-day activities. The successful corporate management system implies efficient balancing of individual interests within a company whilst building up a strong sense of team spirit. Our corporate management system is based upon the holistic and individual approach to our employees.
    13. Flexibility. We are proud of being a dynamic organisation, ready to respond quickly to the changing needs of consumers in the food market and to change the market itself. To achieve a responsive, capable and dynamic company-wide organizational structure we maintain a flexible yet robust enough workflow management approach at all levels of company to meet these needs efficiently, effectively and with due economy. All our business activities regularly pass rigorous systems of performance evaluation, we introduce changes in the management systems and set regular performance objectives.
    14. Responsibility. We set high goals and see them as commitments to our customers and our employees. Our first responsibility is to deliver on this promise, knowing that our success will be measured by the results we produce and the scope of opportunity we provide. These ideas lie at the heart of our interaction with stakeholders and customers. We feel conscious of the impact of our nationwide company's business activities including the quality of our products and services and acknowledge the responsibility it inflicts upon us. It is our responsibility to preserve and enhance our corporate image and public trust through the activities we exercise.
    15. Fair Competition. We believe in fair competition in open markets that creates excellence of one participant over another and are determined to maintain our leadership position by participating in the competitive process with legitimate intent. The Company is committed to a policy of vigorous, lawful, and ethical competition which is based on the merits of our products and services. We detest any forms of slandering and fraud and operate within the boundaries of high professional and moral standards.
    16. Focus on Public Trust. Public trust of any company rests on its ability to deliver on its responsibilities and promises. We value greatly the trust that our counterparts and stakeholders endowed us with and struggle to live up to their expectations. We appreciate and are keen to maintain the mutual basis of that trust.
    17. Team-Oriented Culture. Any success within the company is an end result of a well-coordinated and efficient team work. That's why we strive to create a team-oriented culture at work which inspires and motivates our employees to contribute to our company's success. We believe that a good working team should be marked by high group morale, loyalty, empathy and an open climate of trust and acceptance. A synergy within a team is achieved when unsolicited and ego driven thinking is replaced by mutual contribution and effort of all of its members.
    18. Moving in pace with the global technology. Our company follows closely and pays special attention to the latest technology developments. The success of our business activities would not be possible without the efficient technology tools and machinery currently in use. In a large-scale production-oriented company such as ours, usage of cutting-edge technologies becomes indispensable.
    19. A Commitment to Excellence is fundamental to the philosophy of Azersun Holding and is overtly reflected in all our areas of responsibility, including human resources, organizational structure, quality of our products and services. We constantly strive to improve our current potential and are ready to face up to arising challenges and achieve progress in that direction.